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Fantasy Baseball Week 18 -Some hope yet?


I won! But I beat the worst team in our league! Yay?

A win is a win, but I only beat one other team in the breakdown this week, and tied against two others. And it really all came down to one stolen base. Let’s take a look at the scores:

Team Moneyball Rockford Peaches
BA 0.271 0.229
HR 5 6
RBI 28 19
R 27 19
SB 3 2
K 37 53
W 3 3
S 4 0
ERA 4.92 4.08
WHIP 1.37 1.31

Had Travis Shaw stolen a base in the Sunday night game, Rockford Peaches would’ve tied me and I would’ve lost in the tiebreaker. My batting average was up above .300 earlier in the week but crumbled later in the week. The RBIs and Runs got some counting stats as a result, but the homers weren’t there. And pitching was still the issue. ERA consistently seems to approach 5, whereas other teams seem to consistently get lucky with shutouts. My bad start this week was Zach Eflin over Matt Moore. Moore didn’t yet have a start listed at the start of the week after getting traded to San Francisco, and Eflin was on a two start week against San Francisco and San Diego. Only problem, his first start was a nightmare, giving up 6 runs and 3 walks in 5 innings, and the start against the Padres never came! Moore only gave up 2 runs, but then served up 6 walks! He’s got Miami this week, so I’m questioning whether starting him over new pickups like Joe Musgrove. Trevor Bauer was worst of all, and I’m close to dropping him after just trading him. 7 runs in 2.2 innings. The magic seems to be gone, and his two start week is rough this week. I’ll sit him, but not ready to drop. Let’s look ahead to Week 19 (new pickups are in green):

Position Player Team
C J.T. Realmuto Miami Marlins
1B Joey Votto Cincinatti Reds
2B Dee Gordon Miami Marlins
3B Yangervis Solarte San Diego Padres
SS Marcus Semien Oakland A’s
OF Matt Kemp Atlanta Braves
OF Hunter Pence San Francisco Giants
OF Max Kepler Minnesota Twins
U Carlos Santana Cleveland Indians
SP1 Michael Fulmer Detroit Tigers
SP2 Matt Shoemaker Los Angeles Angels
SP3 Jeremy Hellickson Philadelphia Phillies
SP4 Anthony DeSclafani Cincinatti Reds
SP5 Zach Davies Milwaukee Brewers
SP6 Matt Moore San Francisco Giants
RP1 Seung Hwan Oh St. Louis Cardinals
RP2 Dellin Betances New York Yankees
SP/RP Dylan Bundy Baltimore Orioles
Reserves Brandon Maurer San Diego Padres
Reserves Logan Forsythe Tampa Bay Rays
Reserves Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians
Reserves Taijuan Walker Seattle Mariners
Reserves Joe Musgrove Houston Astros
DL Nick Castellanos Detroit Tigers
DL Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers
Minors Yuliesky Gurriel Houston Astros

My matchup this week won’t be easier than it was this past week, but The Zootowners are 8-10 on the fringe of the playoffs and have the third worst power ranking, just above me. I look to change that. I was lucky with being able to pick up Bundy, and the Giants have been bad since the All-Star break, so I feel good about starting him over Brandon Maurer. Taijuan Walker came back from the DL but gave up 6 runs. He’s a sit as well. I made a tough choice to drop Melky Cabrera and Tyler Naquin, adding Max Kepler and starting Matt Kemp in his place, whose batting average was brutal in his first week on the Braves, but homered. Fulmer and Davies have two start weeks, with Davies getting the Braves and the Reds, so I like him a lot. I’m tempted to start Musgrove, who was stellar against the Rangers in his first full start, but the smart thing to do would be to wait and see. Castellanos also landed on the DL after getting hit by a pitch, so it somewhat solved my roster problems in not wanting to drop someone like Bauer. I also grappled with dropping someone for the red hot Brad Miller, who has homered about 8 times in the last 10 days or so. But I’m not sure we’ll see it long term, so for the time I’m rolling with Marcus Semien, who has reasonable pitching matchups this week and still did well with really tough ones against the Cubs this week.

If I want to beat Zootowners, it probably has to come from my bats. I tied him this past week, but beat him in all hitting categories but lost by just one in runs. As for his pitching, he’s got Arrieta and Lester against the Cardinals, so maybe there’s a chance one of them gets roughed up.

Does any of this matter in the long run? Maybe not really. I’m three games back of the fringy playoff contenders (8 of the 12 make it in) and will likely need to win out the remaining five weeks. But it all starts now.


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