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Week 19 Recap -If only…

Logan Forsythe…on the bench

Maybe the second most annoying thing in Fantasy is when a stud player or a winning lineup is sitting on your bench. In Football it’s usually one guy who unexpectedly went off. In baseball it could be several guys who outperformed your starters. But of course that’s the spoils of the game, and it happens to everyone. It sucks because it was a conscious decision on your part based on logic and reason, and you were wrong. Fuck.

This week it was Logan Forsythe first and foremost. 3 Home Runs, 9-23 in batting average, 6 Runs and 5 RBIs. It would’ve put me ahead in HRs and BA this week, cutting his lead to just half a category win. The others were Joe Musgrove and Trevor Bauer, each of whom picked up Wins (two for Bauer) and put up 15 Ks and only 6 ER between the pair of them.

I can’t be faulted too much though. It would’ve been hard to start Forsythe over Carlos Santana, Dee Gordon, or Joey Votto, despite his recent production. Bauer only had one quality start in his last 5, but he managed to out-duel Max Scherzer in a night that he flirted with a no-no. Musgrove was a promising new pickup with just one full start to his name. I liked him, but the smart thing would’ve been to wait and see. I’ve waited long enough.

But maybe the most annoying thing is when your opponent’s bad lineup decisions somehow payoff. The Zootowners only had 6 pitching starts to my 9, yet managed to beat me in wins, ERA and WHIP. Yovani Gallardo, who is 28% Owned and 17% Started across all CBS Leagues, threw his best start of the year with just 1 ER in 6 and 6 Ks. Clay Buchholz, a reliever for Boston until this week and who was only 11% Owned, 4% started, went 4.1 innings and gave up 3. Not a great start, but perhaps I was expecting him to get blown up.

Further, two of his three relievers, AJ Ramos and Steve Cishek, were on the DL from the start of the week. It’s almost an annoying rule that you can start a guy on the DL. Sure it affects your counting stats, but their appearances or those of a replacement player could’ve otherwise swayed ERA and WHIP. It somehow seems unfair.

None of this makes up for my team’s poor showing of power. Two teams put up 16 HRs this week, and I only managed 4. Hunter Pence has been a huge disappointment since coming off the DL, certainly not being the spark the Giants have needed, and Yangervis Solarte may be nearing the end of his hot streak.

Here’s the full score breakdown:

Team Moneyball The Zootowners
BA 0.272 0.289
HR 4 6
RBI 20 32
R 23 32
SB 4 4
K 64 36
W 2 3
S 4 2
ERA 3.12 2.59
WHIP 1.08 1.05

Next week I’ve added Aaron Judge, Brad Miller and James Paxton, but this loss almost officially put the nail in the coffin of my season. I’m 3 games back from a playoff spot and have only 4 games left. If only I had started Forsythe…and Bauer…and Musgrove…and been less bad.


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