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Fantasy Football Week 1 Recap – I Miss Gronk

I miss Gronk. Week 1 was a pretty rough week for tight ends, and I could’ve used him to win in one of my leagues this week.

But hey, I’m not the only one who had some ups and downs this week. Whereas I’m wishing for more from Doug Martin, frustrated with Brandon Marshall and kicking myself for not drafting Spencer Ware, others are seriously sweating Dez Bryant, devastated over Keenan Allen and wondering what happened with Adrian Peterson, Tyrod Taylor, Coby Fleener and more.

And I also basked in the glory of starting Ameer Abdullah in my PPR league, Andrew Luck in my 10-team league and Jordan Matthews in BOTH leagues. Now I’m wondering how I find a spot for Sterling Shepard in my lineup, and wondering who I drop to pick up any one of Theo Riddick, Will Fuller, Willie Snead or maybe even Carson Wentz.

To recap this week, I’ll start with my losing team, the Meltdowns:


I didn’t have a bad week, but I got let down by Doug Martin, Brandon Marshall and last minute Gronk fill-in Clive Walford. Matthew Berry led me to believe that TEs do serious damage against the Saints, and even though that game proved to be a shootout (after all, look at my opponent’s score for Derek Carr), Walford saw none of it. I could’ve faired slightly better with Jason Witten for instance.

Marshall was truly disconcerting, although he got an endzone look and should be good moving forward. But I may have to pay attention to any Bengals matchups now. I should’ve trusted Jeremy Hill, who fell into the endzone this week, over Duke Johnson, who lost most of his work to Isaiah Crowell.

But frankly I can’t do much when Spencer Ware runs wild in a comeback game against the Chargers, or Julio Jones and Kelvin Benjamin doing, frankly, what they’re supposed to be doing. Charlie’s team looks good, and I’m worried for when he gets back both Jamaal Charles and Le’Veon Bell. Thankfully I took my pounding from him this week.

I finished this week with the 5th best score overall.


In my Yahoo league, Jordan Matthews continued to be the MVP and a difference maker against Daniel. In starting him across both leagues, I looked smart. Where he succeeded, Dez suffered, and had Dez matched his 15 point projected spread, I would’ve surely lost.

But what’s worth being excited about and hoping for more are Lamar Miller and Randall Cobb. Neither got a touchdown in Week 1, but Lamar Miller led the league in rushing yards, and Cobb hauled in as many passes as his teammate Jordy Nelson, who ended up with the touchdown.

Better days ahead for Kirk Cousins. He had a handful of big, down the field passes to DeSean Jackson and will only breakout more when Jordan Reed gets more involved in the passing game. Against Pittsburgh, he didn’t throw a touchdown but almost had one walk in on a short pass. He also threw a last minute, fluky interception in the endzone that could’ve been challenged, but the game was such a blowout that they didn’t bother.

If Cousins hadn’t thrown that pick, I would’ve beaten two additional teams in the league by 1 point. Instead I lost by 1 and found myself with a 7-4 record after Week 1.

This victory was also special because it was a revenge victory of last year’s Finals. Take that Dan!

I’ll be back on Saturday to preview my Week 2 pickups and starts.


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