Gronk is still questionable moving into Week 2, and I can use him. I have little faith this week in my running backs and my quarterbacks this week, so having Gronk in the lineup would make a world of difference. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not playing against Matt Forte this week.

Meltdowns Player Team Points
QB Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts
RB1 Doug Martin Tampa Bay Bucs
RB2 Jeremy Hill Cincinatti Bengals
WR1 Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers
WR2 Brandon Marshall New York Jets 10.10
TE Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots
FLEX Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles
K Roberto Aguayo Tampa Bay Bucs
DST Arizona Cardinals
BN Jimmy Graham Seattle Seahawks
BN Tyrod Taylor Buffalo Bills 24.38
BN Chris Ivory Jacksonville Jaguars 0.00
BN Eric Ebron Detroit Lions
BN Duke Johnson Jr. Cleveland Browns
BN Sterling Shepard New York Giants

This week I play two 0-1 teams, and looking at their lineups, I’m not exactly terrified. Some weeks you’re more nervous about your opponent’s team than you are your own, and this is not one of those weeks.

Here’s what I’m staring down. I’m looking at Andrew Luck playing the best defense in the league after posting a monster 4 TDs in Week 1. Matthew Berry says he has a high ceiling but very low floor, and TY Hilton may even be hampered with an injury. I’m looking at Doug Martin and Jeremy Hill both playing strong defenses and hoping that both of them fall into the endzone at least once. I’m looking at a strong game from Brandon Marshall after Thursday night’s game but not a monster game. I’m looking at Chris Ivory already sitting out for the second straight week.

Thankfully the WR matchups are all favorable. I bet Jordan Matthews has a monster game on Monday night against the Bears, although that might just be my lack of faith in my hometown team. And I like Jordy against Minnesota. If Gronk can’t go, I’ve got Eric Ebron as a fairly serviceable backup, as I still don’t have faith in Jimmy Graham until I see the production.

Should I have started Tyrod Taylor over Luck? He was a mess in Week 1, and you can look at this two ways: he either looks risky moving forward because some of the touchdowns, like in garbage time at the end of the game, were a bit fluky, or you can say that he put up really great numbers in Week 1 despite Sammy Watkins doing nothing. Taylor gets Arizona and New England the next two weeks, and Luck gets San Diego and Jacksonville. This week of any would’ve been the time to start him.

Wildcats Player Team Points
QB Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins
RB1 Lamar Miller Houston Texans
RB2 Ameer Abdullah Detroit Lions
WR1 Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers
WR2 Kelvin Benjamin Carolina Panthers
WR3 Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles
TE Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots
K Roberto Aguayo Tampa Bay Bucs
DST Seattle Seahawks
BN Sterling Shepard New York Giants
BN Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens
BN Zach Miller Chicago Bears
BN Tyler Boyd Cincinatti Bengals
BN Bilal Powell New York Jets 1
BN Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs

In my PPR league, I played against LeSean McCoy, who got off to a decent start with 12 points, but that doesn’t scare me too much. Again, I have less faith in my running backs. Lamar Miller should be fine at home against Kansas City, but Abdullah, despite his strong outing last week, I probably should’ve swapped out in place of picking up Theo Riddick.

I’ve also made a shift and picked up Joe Flacco against the Browns this week. Choosing between him and Cousins at Dallas is a bit of a coin flip at this point, and I’m curious if anyone has thoughts on where I should lean. But frankly the options on the waiver wire are not promising.

After seeing how much production Matt Forte got in Thursday’s game, Bilal Powell is starting to look like more of a very deep PPR league option only. There really aren’t too many other promising RBs on the waiver wire either, but if someone emerges this week, then I won’t be afraid to pull the trigger on dropping him after putting up just one reception this week.

I may also be looking for a more promising TE replacement than Zach Miller, who I would’ve had faith in, but perhaps not this week.

Any last minute roster changes you recommend? Starts or sits? Add/drops? You can’t see my opponents, but do I have a chance? Let me know in the comments.



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