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Week 2 Recap – Garbage Time


Blake Bortles had negative points going into the third quarter of his Sunday matchup against the San Diego Chargers. So of course he would end the 4th quarter with 23 points, that’s 329 passing yards and 2 TDs despite 2 interceptions and a lost fumble. This, my friends, is what you call garbage time. And might I add, what the hell?

It resulted in a 105-110 loss in my PPR league, dropping me to an even 1-1 after two weeks. It could be worse, obviously, like in my other league, where I managed only 78 points and had the second worst score of the week.

Wildcats Player Team Points
QB Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins 22
RB1 Lamar Miller Houston Texans 11
RB2 Ameer Abdullah Detroit Lions 3
WR1 Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers 9
WR2 Kelvin Benjamin Carolina Panthers 29
WR3 Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles 13
TE Virgil Green New England Patriots 7
K Roberto Aguayo Tampa Bay Bucs 1
DST Seattle Seahawks 10
BN Sterling Shepard New York Giants 19
BN Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens 23
BN Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots 0
BN Tyler Boyd Cincinatti Bengals 11
BN Bilal Powell New York Jets 1
BN Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs 0

That Bortles surge was ridiculous, but as you can see it wasn’t a great week for my team across the board. Kirk Cousins lost his game against Dallas, not just throwing an endzone interception, but also several missed passes throughout the game that could’ve made the difference in a close matchup. He finished with a solid 22, and my decision to start him versus the last minute pickup Joe Flacco didn’t ultimately make a difference.

The question remains whether I can trust Kirk Cousins moving forward. I think you can trust a low end QB if the rest of your team is stacked. But when Rob Gronkowski and Jamaal Charles continue to sit out, then you’ve got issues.

I also place some blame on Jordan Matthews, who had the worst of drops near the end of the first half against the Bears Monday night. Carson Wentz aired a deep ball way down field just to about the 2 yard line just barely threading it between a receiver, and Matthews got his hands on it, but missed it. It would’ve been a massive gain and an easy TD, but the gain alone might’ve made up the gap between him and Sterling Shepard and won me the week. He’s still a solid WR2 moving forward though.

Should I have started Shepard? That’ll teach me to overlook a matchup against New Orleans. Granted I didn’t expect that Randall Cobb would be the weak link this week in my receiving corps. He gets Detroit next week, another good matchup, but is there something to be nervous about with the Packers offense? He got 7 targets and 5 receptions despite just 42 yards, so his day would look a lot worse in a standard, non PPR league. Shepard likewise has a good looking matchup against Washington in Week 3, whereas Matthews gets Pittsburgh.

Ameer Abdullah also suffered an injury, so I need yet another new running back in the event that Charles doesn’t play again, but news is that he’s likely to finally be back.

MVP though is Kelvin Benjamin. With two touchdowns in Week 2, he’s locked in as a WR1, and it’s mind-boggling that anyone was doubting him coming into the season. And you have to like the number of targets rookie Tyler Boyd is getting. With WR so deep, it’s possible that I could drop him for someone still more exciting on the waiver wire, and perhaps I should’ve done so for someone like say, Will Fuller. But he could easily emerge as a dominant option/trade target.

Meltdowns Player Team Points
QB Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts 10.08
RB1 Doug Martin Tampa Bay Bucs 2.30
RB2 Jeremy Hill Cincinatti Bengals 5.90
WR1 Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers 13.30
WR2 Brandon Marshall New York Jets 10.10
TE Eric Ebron Detroit Lions 5.30
FLEX Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles 7.10
K Roberto Aguayo Tampa Bay Bucs 1.00
DST Arizona Cardinals 23.00
BN Jimmy Graham Seattle Seahawks 4.20
BN Tyrod Taylor Buffalo Bills 24.38
BN Chris Ivory Jacksonville Jaguars 0.00
BN Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots 0.00
BN Duke Johnson Jr. Cleveland Browns 5.60
BN Sterling Shepard New York Giants 11.70

As I said in my weekly preview, this would’ve been the week to start Tyrod Taylor if any. He had a monster week compared to Luck, and it goes to show that there are very few quarterbacks who are matchup proof, and even Andrew Luck is not one of them.

Gronk’s presence was missed yet again, as Eric Ebron had a solid day for yardage but couldn’t find the endzone. The Lions had some bad luck in Week 2, with three touchdowns for Matthew Stafford called back on penalties, but Ebron isn’t so exciting that I’m not going to continuously stream viable tight ends until Gronk comes back. And this week, with a third string QB throwing for the Patriots and New England playing in a shortened week, I might have to be without him yet again.

I’m really panicking though at running back. Doug Martin left the game in the second quarter, and his status is up in the air for Week 3. If he does return, he’s got a matchup against the LA Rams defense that just stifled the ground game from Seattle. Likewise, Jeremy Hill may no longer be a viable starting option in fantasy until his explosiveness and ability to get more yards per carry increases. He’s become a touchdown or bust player, and it’s too hard to predict when those will come. Not only that, he’s got Denver in Week 3. Just watch him light them up as soon as I place him on my bench.

If Chris Ivory comes back, maybe there’s some life in me yet, but it’s hard to know what to expect from the Jacksonville offense at this point. I can’t rely on a monster 23 point game from my defense week to week, so someone else has to step up.

In losing by about 19 points this week to another weak performing team, a perfect lineup could’ve given me the swing victory. That would’ve meant starting Tyrod Taylor, giving me an extra 14, then Sterling Shepard over Matthews, giving me an extra 4, and finally¬†Duke Johnson over Doug Martin, giving an extra 3. Something like that is near impossible to predict, but it’s honestly where my team is at at this point. Don’t be surprised if all of those moves are reflected in next week’s lineup.


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