Weekly Preview

Week 3 Preview – Gronk lays a Goose Egg

Gronk is back! Gronk is back! Finally! But of course he doesn’t do a thing and lands everyone who started him (probably a shit ton of people) with a big ‘ole zero. That’s just our luck, right?

The thing is, Gronk did what you wanted him to do. He got a red zone target, but the ball soared several feet above his head. Even Gronk can’t go up and get that duck. Then Jacoby Brisset decided that it was still college football and ran a touchdown in all by himself. And then of course Gronk wasn’t the only one to lay an egg, because the Texans were down by so much and never scored, that why even bother putting Gronk, or the Patriots offense in general, on the field?

It still hurts, because I can’t have been the only one looking for Gronk to perform. Missing him in my lineup these two weeks has made a huge difference, and this week in particular, I’m facing two players I own in one league in my other league and one player in the opposite direction. With injuries galore and bad matchups, I just don’t like my chances.

Meltdowns Player Team Points
QB Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts
RB1 Jerick McKinnon Minnesota Vikings
RB2 Chris Ivory Jacksonville Jaguars
WR1 Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers
WR2 Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles
TE Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots 0.00
FLEX Sterling Shepard New York Giants
K Adam Vinatieri Indianapolis Colts
DST Arizona Cardinals
BN Doug Martin Tampa Bay Bucs
BN Tyrod Taylor Buffalo Bills
BN Jeremy Hill Denver Broncos
BN Eric Ebron Detroit Lions
BN Duke Johnson Jr. Cleveland Browns
BN Brandon Marshall New York Jets

Is this really what it’s come to? Jerick McKinnon is my number one running back? All week I’ve been hearing that Matt Asiata is the guy more likely to get the goal line touches, even if McKinnon gets more of the workload. And they’re playing Carolina! I’m excited that Chris Ivory will finally make his debut, at least more so than Jeremy Hill at Denver, but he’s ultimately a huge question mark going into Sunday’s game. Could he score two garbage time touchdowns? Or does he get stifled like the rest of the Jags offense?

Jordy Nelson hasn’t looked 100 percent, and after reading this highly convincing article about what’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers, I’m wondering if he’s as reliable as you might hope. It’s leading me to bench Randall Cobb in my other league, but more on that later. Jordan Matthews has been more consistent thus far than Brandon Marshall and the Jets, as has Sterling Shepard playing against Washington. Marshall has been limited in practice all week and has been listed as questionable. He didn’t even wear his helmet one day of practice. So I’m taking a flyer on Shepard, despite how bad I feel about benching a guy like Marshall. He’s the type of player that won’t be quiet for long.

If I win in this league this week, in which my opponent had Lamar Miller and also owns Matt Forte, Aaron Rodgers, Allen Robinson and Jarvis Landry, it’ll be because Andrew Luck has a total shootout against the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers made Spencer Ware and Alex Smith look like superstars in Week 1, and they were the cause of Blake Bortles’s two garbage time touchdowns in Week 2. Luck should demolish them and have a solid bounce back week after a disappointing Week 2 in Denver.

Wildcats Player Team Points
QB Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins
RB1 Lamar Miller Houston Texans 14
RB2 Shane Vereen New York Giants
WR1 Kelvin Benjamin Carolina Panthers
WR2 Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles
WR3 Sterling Shepard New York Giants
TE Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots 0
K Cairo Santos Kansas City Chiefs
DST Seattle Seahawks
BN Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers
BN Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins
BN Duke Johnson Jr. Cleveland Browns
BN Tyler Boyd Cincinatti Bengals
BN Dennis Pitta Baltimore Ravens
BN Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs

And yet Luck will also be the reason I lose in my other league, as I’ll be playing against him and Jordy Nelson (not to mention Eric Ebron who’s sitting on my bench in the other league). My decision to start Sterling Shepard over Randall Cobb in this league might have more to do with Shepard’s potential PPR numbers. He scored 19 points against New Orleans and has an equally favorable matchup this week in the Redskins, who give up the 8th highest most points to WRs. Both he and my new addition of Shane Vereen (who I added in place of McKinnon, Asiata or Fozzy Whittaker) should both be strong PPR plays. Vereen will also have to do since Jamaal Charles is still a no-go, listed as doubtful for Sunday’s matchup.

Kelvin Benjamin should continue to be a monster, especially with the Carolina backfield questions and Minnesota’s ability to stop the run. But they also put a lot of pressure on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers receivers last week, so it begs the question whether he’ll be as valuable as he was the first two weeks.

Seattle also gets San Francisco this week, and it’ll prove two things: (1) whether Seattle is all right and not struggling with offensive and defensive problems or (2) whether San Francisco might be more legit than we thought coming into the season.

This will also be a test of Kirk Cousins, who I’m benching this week in favor of streaming Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill had a monster week late against the Patriots in Week 2, but that could’ve been garbage time fluky. Against a decimated Browns team and with Arian Foster’s likely injury positioning them to throw A LOT, Tannehill could be a difference maker.

No Monday players for me this week, so I should know how badly I lost fairly soon.


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