If you’re an Andrew Luck owner like me, you’re probably feeling pretty nervous right now, and perhaps not all that Lucky. He’s an extremely talented QB playing for a 1-3 team in arguably the worst division in the NFL, and he’s at a severe injury risk for the simple fact that his offensive line can not keep him protected. And unlike his opponent Blake Bortles this past Sunday, he’s not prone to getting a shit ton of garbage time points in the final moments of the game because his receivers keep dropping passes!

But Luck wasn’t the root of all my problems. It didn’t help that Rob Gronkowski and the entire Patriots offense got shut out this past week (Tom Brady can’t come back soon enough), or that Michael Crabtree put up three late touchdowns, or that two of the three TDs Kirk Cousins threw were to my opponent’s Jordan Reed, or that I played against Cam Newton in both leagues.

Some other quick stats, and I’m not trying to pretend that my teams aren’t terrible. But in my NFL league over 450 points have been put up against my team in four weeks, 40 more points than the next highest team, but I’ve also put up the 3rd fewest points. In my Yahoo league, I’m the team with the 4th most points put up against, but the team with the fewest points overall.

Week 4
Opponent Rhydon Dis – Julian
Outcome 85.26 – 113.70 L
Meltdowns Player Team Points
QB Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts 17.66
RB1 Jerick McKinnon Minnesota Vikings 15.50
RB2 Jeremy Hill Cincinatti Bengals 7.10
WR1 Sterling Shepard New York Giants 3.00
WR2 Brandon Marshall New York Jets 14.90
TE Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots 1.10
FLEX Terrelle Pryor Sr. Cleveland Browns 10.00
K Adam Vinatieri Indianapolis Colts 11.00
DST Arizona Cardinals 5.00
BN Doug Martin Tampa Bay Bucs 0.00
BN Tyrod Taylor Buffalo Bills 16.64
BN Chris Ivory Jacksonville Jaguars 2.90
BN Darren Sproles Philadelphia Eagles BYE
BN Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles BYE
BN Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers BYE

This week may have been a result of poor Bye Week luck. My top two receivers in Nelson and Matthews both sat, and Sterling Shepard got a good number of targets, but was simply the victim of Eli Manning. Perhaps more concerning, anyone else worried about Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets? He’s thrown nine interceptions in his last two games. I think Brandon Marshall would be better off with just about anyone at this point. The Fitzmagic has worn off.

Here’s another interesting thing I noticed, and a thought that perhaps I should just hang tight instead of panic. Jerick McKinnon and Jeremy Hill both finished in the top 15 in rushing yards in Week 4, but only McKinnon ended up in the endzone, and as a result finished near the back of the pack in terms of overall running back ranks for the week. It makes me believe that the TDs are coming, but they better start soon.

Week 4
Opponent The Guam Bomb – Jenn
Outcome 90 -137 L
Wildcats Player Team Points
QB Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins 22
RB1 Lamar Miller Houston Texans 13
RB2 Jordan Howard Chicago Bears 16
WR1 Kelvin Benjamin Carolina Panthers 12
WR2 Jamison Crowder Washington Redskins 4
WR3 Sterling Shepard New York Giants 7
TE Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots 2
K Cairo Santos Kansas City Chiefs 2
DST Seattle Seahawks 12
BN Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers BYE
BN Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins 6
BN Duke Johnson Jr. Cleveland Browns 12
BN Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles BYE
BN Dennis Pitta Baltimore Ravens 4
BN Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs 0

I noticed a similar stat with both Lamar Miller and Jordan Howard, who were even better than McKinnon and Hill as a duo. Miller was my 2nd pick, and in four weeks he hasn’t gotten a single touchdown, but is still the fourth highest rusher on the season. What’s going on? He doesn’t see truly favorable defensive matchups until after his bye week in Week 9, when he gets Jacksonville twice, Oakland, Indianapolis and San Diego.

Good thing I didn’t use this week as the week to trot out Jamaal Charles. They were manhandled by Pittsburgh and he put up a bagel, and now he’s going on a bye week. Even though I took him in the fourth round, was there really no one else I could’ve gotten at that spot that through five weeks won’t have put up absolutely ZERO POINTS? Forget not taking him in the first or second round, that’s not a good value at any draft position.

And while it was transparently clear to me in my NFL league that running back was my issue, I’m starting to think in Yahoo it’s my wide receivers. You look at them on paper and they should be a core group of wide receivers, reliable WR1, WR2 and WR3, but Kelvin Benjamin ranks at WR 15 after four weeks (his week 3 performance certainly didn’t help). That’s not a WR1, and Randall Cobb is worrying me in a PPR league. With only two running backs to worry about in this league week to week, I might just be trotting out Miller and Charles from now on and hoping for the best. That might mean trying to trade someone like Jordan Howard for another reliable wide receiver. It’s something to think about.

This coming week though, I take on the last place team in the Yahoo league and the fourth place team in the NFL league, the latter of whom has some bye week issues of his own. I don’t know at what point things start turning around, but time’s running out.


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