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Fantasy Football Week 5 Preview: Is this the week?

I should be clear, my real sports priority this weekend is watching the Cubs ruin the Giants’ Even Year Magic. They got Game 1 in the bag last night, so let’s hope we can take 2 while we’re still at Wrigley.

Though now that I’ve gotten past a few Bye Weeks, and now that Tom Brady is back throwing to Gronk, I feel like this is finally the week that my team will start showing up to play, and proving why I drafted them in the first place.

Meltdowns Player Team Points
QB Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts
RB1 Terrance West Baltimore Ravens
RB2 Jerick McKinnon Minnesota Vikings
WR1 Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers
WR2 Brandon Marshall New York Jets
TE Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots
FLEX Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles
K Adam Vinatieri Indianapolis Colts
DST Arizona Cardinals 15.00
BN Doug Martin Tampa Bay Bucs
BN Tyrod Taylor Buffalo Bills
BN Jeremy Hill Cincinatti Bengals
BN Seattle Seahawks BYE
BN Sterling Shepard New York Giants
BN Terrelle Pryor Sr. Cleveland Browns

New additions this week to The Meltdowns were Terrence West and the Seattle Seahawks, who someone perhaps unwisely dropped while on their Bye. I kept them in my other league in order to stream the Eagles, but in truth in this standard NFL scoring, the Seahawks are only the 12th highest scoring defense. That’s not even technically startable in a 10-team league. Thankfully the Cardinals got off to a good start, scoring a garbage time safety and making Blaine Gabbert look like a high school quarterback.

West should be an exciting an addition, especially against a Washington defense this week. He’ll be good for at least this week, especially with Justin Forsett now cut, but thankfully if things change by next week, Kenneth Dixon is still out there on waivers, and in two weeks time I might even have Doug Martin back.

It’s a coin flip between Jerick McKinnon and Jeremy Hill as my RB2. McKinnon gets a tough Houston defense this week, but he proved he has the ability to be explosive to get yards after the carry AND have the ability to score a touchdown, Matt Asiata be damned. Hill has run really well the last couple of weeks, but still could be boom or bust if he doesn’t end up in the endzone. The Bengals opponent Dallas by the way has been tough on the goal line.

If Andrew Luck doesn’t show up this week against the Bears, it’s time to get worried. The Bears have played surprisingly decent defense thus far, but a week like this is the reason you drafted Andrew Luck. He needs to make an impact this week or I need to make a trade.

My opponent has Drew Brees, Doug Baldwin and Christine Michael all on Byes, not to mention his kicker. He’ll be rolling out Andy Dalton instead, but he’s got a good team otherwise and it won’t be a surefire cake walk, especially considering my team’s ability to crap the bed.  

Wildcats Player Team Points
QB Derek Carr Oakland Raiders
RB1 Lamar Miller Houston Texans
RB2 Jordan Howard Chicago Bears
WR1 Kelvin Benjamin Carolina Panthers
WR2 Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles
WR3 Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers
TE Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots
K Matt Bryant Atlanta Falcons
DST Philadelphia Eagles
BN Sterling Shepard New York Giants
BN Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins
BN Seattle Seahawks BYE
BN Sterling Shepard New York Giants
BN Dennis Pitta Baltimore Ravens
BN Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs BYE

On the other side, someone should really not have dropped Derek Carr. He gets a Jason Verrett-less San Diego Chargers team and will be throwing like crazy. He’s been a borderline Top 5 QB going into Week 5, and with so many guys on bye and banged up, I’m glad to have him. I drafted Kirk Cousins with the expectation that he could have massive upside, and it’s the same reason anyone drafted Carr, but I just picked wrong. What gets me even more excited is that I’ll be playing against Philip Rivers. It’s surprisingly rare in fantasy when you can directly root for and against a given team in such a way (although he also owns Amari Cooper, so hoping this is a big Michael Crabtree game)

While Jordan Howard should have another strong week against a pitiful Colts defense that allowed the Jaguars to figure out their running game, it looks like it could be another slow, underwhelming week for Lamar Miller, who still hasn’t scored a touchdown and likely won’t against Minnesota. But compared to my opponent’s Darren Sproles and a doubtful Charles Sims, I feel okay.

Kelvin Benjamin may be without Cam Newton this week, but it doesn’t change his value much. You’re not about to start Sterling Shepard or Jamison Crowder over him. Derek Anderson has to throw to someone, and it may as well be him, especially against Tampa. I am however hoping for a week for Randall Cobb to get back on his game. The Giants are not especially great against the slot, and Cobb could be in line for a big day, if not a ton of looks that would inflate his PPR value.

But again, all eyes are on Gronk. After last week’s pair of losses, with just about my entire team, I’ve been in wait and see mode. All of these guys can and should deliver on paper, and looking at them, it’s hard to identify one particular place where I need an upgrade. Obviously if I can make some great trade I’m going to try. Perhaps I can deal the Seahawks defense moving forward, or Dennis Pitta while he still has value.

Oh, and go Cubs.



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